Amazon to dole out bonuses to frontline workers

Bonuses range from $150 - $3,000

Amazon to dole out bonuses to frontline workers
Amazon's frontline workers are getting bonuses, the company says. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) – Amazon will provide frontline worker with more than $500-million dollars in bonuses.

The e-commerce giant made the announcement Monday, after criticism of its decision to roll back coronavirus-related hazard pay.

The bonuses will be distributed to workers at Amazon and Whole Foods, as well as delivery drivers, who worked the month of June.

Depending on job position, the bonus amounts will range from $150 - $3,000.

Amazon decided to end its $2-an-hour pay increase and double overtime pay beginning in June.

The pay bumps were implemented in the spring as a response to the coronavirus crisis and were extended in May.

Still, some Amazon workers say the company hasn’t adequately prioritized employee safety and welfare. 

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