Canyon High School athlete wins battle for his life

17-year-old Catch Brown back to playing baseball after recovering from coma

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - 17-year-old Catch Brown’s life revolves around football and baseball.

In February, he began experiencing back pain during weight training for football, noticing himself becoming drowsy during his classes.

“I was falling asleep in all of my classes and then my back started hurting,” said Brown. “I went to the doctor and they said it was a back spasm or something.”

As days went on, he continued feeling exhausted and knew in his gut that it was more than a simple injury from football practice.

On March 3, Catch’s father Tim Brown received a call from his son while he was at work.

“He calls me and says he had gotten sick at home and was pretty warm,” said Brown. “I take him to the doctor in Canyon and when we get there they said all of his organs were shutting down.”

Doctors initially weren’t sure what his condition could be and decided to transport Catch and his father to Covenant Hospital in Lubbock by ambulance.

“When we arrived they basically told us that he was in sepsis and was very close to septic shock,” said Catch’s dad.

Doctors and nurses immediately focused on giving him the proper treatment and antibiotics. Later they discovered he was suffering from a staph infection. After four days in the hospital, he had developed pneumonia and doctors decided to put him in a medically-induced coma.

“He was breathing through a tube, feeding through a tube and then they decided they needed to do surgery to relieve the pressure from his lungs,” said Brown.

Before he was in a coma, his father said that he was able to communicate with him in sign language, which he had learned from a class in high school. Catch and his dad agree that their community is what got them through this difficult time in life.

“The community was really the thing that kept us going,” said Tim Brown. “All the football coaches and baseball coaches from Canyon came to visit.”

Catch’s friends would agree that he likes a good competition and what he was going through truly didn’t stand a chance against his will to win.

“I got to see him a lot in the hospital,” said Catch’s long-time friend and teammate, Cutter Hedger. “He would want to be playing baseball. 100 percent.”

Cutter said it was heartbreaking that he wasn’t able to play baseball but knew he would again.

When Catch woke up after four days in a coma, he was greeted by loving family and friends over text and right by his side. The community rallied around him again and everybody close to him was going to do all they could to help him return to sports.

At 17-years-old, he has been through more than most people his age will ever endure. However, he left the hospital with a new outlook on life.

“When I first got out of the hospital there was a kid next to me and he died and I know I could’ve died. I didn’t take it in,” said Brown. “I take everything more seriously now.”

Brown says that he is now determined to work harder in school and to do the same in his sports.

Catch is already back to playing baseball when just a few months ago he was fighting for his life. Now, his goal is to be back under Friday night lights before graduating in 2021.

“I want to go back really bad,” said Brown. “I love the game, playing with all of my friends and being under the lights. I mean it’s the best experience, best feeling I’ve ever felt.”

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