Good News: Amarillo family pie recipe proven to bring rain during a drought

VIDEO: Good News: Amarillo family pie recipe proven to bring rain during a drought

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Until just a few days ago, Amarillo was dry, really dry.

Since then, the rain has been coming more frequently.

I talked to one family in Amarillo that thinks they know exactly why.

Instead of weather patterns or atmospheric trends, it has to do with pie.

Mark Hewes grew up on a farm in western Kansas and told me about his grandmother’s solution to fighting a drought.

He explained that during very dry spells, his grandmother would make an ice cream pie, and oftentimes, rain would result.

The pie worked so well that they wouldn’t even mention pie during harvest for fear that it would rain at the wrong time.

With our area growing drier by the day, Mark’s wife Susie and daughter Ava decided to put Gramma’s tried and true method to the test.

Susie Hewes explained that last Friday they decided to make the pie, but they needed the recipe.

Ava called her grandmother to ask for the recipe.

“She asked what I needed the recipe for, and I said we needed rain,” said Ava.

According to Susie, they went to the store to get the ingredients, and while they were shopping, they began to hear loud thunder and looked out to see heavy rain and hail.

After weeks without a drop of rain, that’s the precise moment when the sky suddenly opened up and literally poured with heavy rain and hail.

The storm caught them by surprise but made believers out of them.

Ava described the shopping and hearing the loud crash of thunder and thinking “What the heck!”

Mark recounted the day: When they got home it was already raining, and as they started making the pie, there was already about a half inch. By the time they finished the pie, it had rained right at an inch.

The family just may have a proven secret weapon to battle drought conditions.

I asked the family if I can call them the next time it gets really dry and I need to put rain in the forecast. They said yes because it’s really easy to make.

Keeping family weather folklore alive, the rains have been coming more frequently, and now we get to finish off the pie - now that’s some good news!

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