Doppler Dave checks driving a combine, harvesting wheat off his bucket list

VIDEO: Doppler Dave checks driving a combine, harvesting wheat off his bucket list

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Times have been different lately, there are a lot of places I don’t go and things I don’t do like I used to, but I am trying to use my time productively.

I am getting a lot of home projects done, and today, I am knocking something off my bucket list.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to drive a combine and cut some wheat. There is just something exciting about the harvest. I wanted to experience it personally, and learn about the process at the same time.

Sam Watson, a custom wheat cutter explained, you can tell it’s ready to cut when it’s crunchy. The combine cuts the wheat, separates the chaff and stalk and just leaves the kernels. It’s all done by the machine.

Soon, Wyatt arrived with the combine, and it was time to get cutting. Rodney and Sam made some final preparations on the combine, as I grew more and more excited to jump in with Wyatt.

By the way, Wyatt is a teenager, but will cut wheat all day and is looking for more to harvest if you have it. As I climbed into the cockpit with him, my education began from a young, but already experienced, wheat farmer.

After a quick training run on the combine, it was my turn to take the helm. Not only was I having fun, I was really kind of fascinated to watch the machine harvesting away, separating the chaff and stalks, and then seeing the grain bin fill with beautiful wheat kernels.

I definitely had a rewarding, bountiful experience going. I couldn’t help but think about days past when it all this was done by hand.

Expanding my horizons, knocking something off my bucket list, and the farmers aren’t holding the dry weather against me, now that’s some good news. I’m Doppler Dave for NewsChannel 10.

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