Amarillo family spreading joy for children, parents during quarantine

VIDEO: Amarillo family spreads joy for children, families during quarantine

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - If you have been by the house on Hughes, you have probably seen the bears. Today they are taking a ride in a Super Mario car, but it is something different every day.

In a previous good news story, I mentioned a virtual bear hunt based on a children’s book, where people place bears in their windows for children to find for fun while walking a neighborhood.

Robert and Sharon Rachels have taken that activity to a whole new level. Noticing that their window bears were a bit difficult for kids to find, they moved the bears out onto the front lawn and placed them in a fun pose.

Passersby immediately noticed and fell in love with the bears and the new poses and settings each day. The bears have quite a following, as folks get excited to see what the bears will be doing today.

As you might expect, the kids just love it.

The daily bear scene is also posted on Facebook for people to enjoy, especially those that have been isolated at home or have difficulty getting by to see the bears.

The Rachels originally intended to do the activity for just a few weeks, ending in May, but when fans found out, there was an intense expression of encouragement to keep the fun going.

A while back there was a movie called “The Bad News Bears”……well these are the “Good News Bears!” I’m Doppler Dave for NewsChannel 10.

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