Governor Abbott now allowing Amarillo to reopen in same phases as other Texas counties

KFDA Video: Governor Abbott now allowing Amarillo to reopen in same phases as other Texas counties

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Governor Greg Abbott is rewarding Amarillo for getting a handle on the COVID-19 situation, by allowing us to join the rest of the state in the reopening process.

“In the Panhandle, as well as else where, restaurants are opening up to 75 percent, bars up to 50 percent. Amusement parks up to 50 percent, so all these massive stadiums, like that baseball park that you have downtown, can open up to 50 percent. Theaters can open up, and the smaller counties around the area, they can actually open up everything up to 75 percent,” said Governor Abbott.

Governor Abbott acknowledges the recent spike, but says it was expected.

“We did see a spike in tests over the last couple of days, but they were the result of tests coming back from the meatpacking plant,” said Governor Abbott.

The Veteran Affairs Hospital has not had a COVID-19 positive patient in a while, so they have set plans for reopening their services.

“We are looking of targeting of July 6 as our reopening of limited services for our veterans here on the Amarillo campus. We are also targeting a tentative date of June 15 actually for limited services in our outlying clinics,” said Mark Rielo, acting director at the Amarillo VA.

All three hospitals in Amarillo are seeing fewer COVID-19 patients, and Northwest Texas Hospital has decided to make changes to its visitation policy.

“We will now allow one person per room to visit patients in the hospital. For our ladies who are expecting, we will have two visitors, which would generally be dad and grandma, to be in the room with the woman who is expecting. We will still restrict visitation for patients who are COVID-19 positive,” said Dr. Brian Weis, chief medical officer at Northwest Texas Hospital.

BSA has not yet changed their visitation policy, but they plan to have one similar to Northwest by early next week.

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