Grocery stores adjusting to new social distancing guidelines

KFDA Grocery stores adjusting to new social distancing guidelines

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Regional Vice President of United Supermarkets Paul Evans says his locations in Amarillo were successful in limiting the spread of COVID-19 through their efforts of implementing social distancing and guidelines within the facility.

“I feel as though we’ve done a lot to ensure that our guest know and our team members know," Evans said. "We’re requiring our team members to wear masks, our employees, I know it’s uncomfortable, but we are a place that people are going to go to, and we want to make sure that they’re safe by wearing a mask and that we’re protecting our guest that are coming in.”

Now that Governor Abbott has now relaxed some of those guidelines, United has made a few adjustments in order to abide by the new rules set in place.

“We’ve made another change to stop directional aisle markers on one-way directions on the aisle, so with this reopening to the 50 percent, we have done that," Evans said. "Another thing is with our seating areas around our food service and our restaurant areas, we are going to more of a 50 percent capacity where we were at 25 percent.”

According to Market 33, their efforts were very similar to United’s in order to adhere to the social distancing guidelines and limit the spread of COVID-19.

“When COVID-19 first hit, we never really heard of social distancing. As a way to protect our team and protect our guests, we instituted policies where our team had to wear face masks to prevent spread," said Vice President of Market 33 Jarrett Copheranham. "We marked off the check stands, six feet marks where customers could know where to stand to maintain that distance as well.”

Copheranham says since numbers are still rising in Amarillo, not much will change to their social distancing guidelines, except their wine tasting room, which will be operating at 50 percent occupancy instead of 25 percent.

“In our beer and wine tasting room in the store, we do have a 25 percent occupancy limit, and as the City raises restrictions up to 50 percent, we will follow suit," Copheranham said.

Both United and Market 33 say, even when the pandemic has been lifted, the new sanitation method has become the new norm, and will become a normal practice for both businesses.

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