Graduation ceremonies were made special despite difficult circumstances

VIDEO: Graduation ceremonies were made special despite difficult circumstances

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Area graduates have seen some unusual school endings due to pandemic related issues this year, but there are many uplifting graduation stories to share.

You have probably seen signs in yards honoring graduates at all school levels recently. It’s a way to add some celebration and festivity since actual ceremonies weren’t expected to be possible this year.

One graduate, from Bivins Elementary Kindergarten, is Geana Villegas. What makes her graduation special is that another family member graduated at the same time, but not one of her siblings.

Geana’s grandmother, Angie Ascencio, graduated from college earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from West Texas A&M. Angie is not only proud to share graduation with her granddaughter but is thrilled that her other grandchildren want to succeed in college - "just like Gramma”.

That’s just sweet, and here is another touching graduation story.

Kylie Johnson graduated with honors from Amarillo High School this week. Unfortunately, her father Dean was not able to be part of any graduation celebration.

He recently underwent brain surgery and has been hospitalized for the past month and unable to see or interact with any visitors, including family. Dean’s therapy team at BSA caught wind of the situation and organized a surprise family celebration at the hospital.

The BSA bakery joined in with graduation cupcakes, and the staff decorated an entrance to the hospital with school décor. The rest of the family was provided protective clothing and equipment and assembled at an outside Intensive Care Unit. They were waiting there to surprise Dean as he was wheeled out unsuspectingly, and an emotional graduation party and long awaited family reunion followed. It was a time the family will always remember.

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