2 killed, 7 injured in shooting at large party in rural S.C.

UNION COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA/CNN) - Officials say two people are dead and seven others are injured after a shooting on Saturday.

The incident started with a 911 call that complained about noise near Jonesville Saturday night. But about two and a half hours later, someone reported hearing gunshots.

Law enforcement responded at the scene. The injured were transferred to hospitals in Union County and in Spartanburg.

Curtis Lamont Bomar died at the scene, while Jabbrie Brandon, 17, died after being taken to the hospital.

Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the shooting.

It was an unforgettable scene for a Gaffney man who wished to remain anonymous.

“There was this girl that fell on the ground, and the crowd just trampled her,” he said. “We hear hundreds of people screaming and people start running in the road, and that’s when the gunshots went off.”

He said he was on his way to Union to see some family when he stumbled upon the scene.

“It was just pandemonium out there with all those people. There was well over 1,000 people out there,” he said.

Major Scott Coffer with the Union County Sheriff's Office said they've seen block parties in this area before but never this big.

"You had the people that were hit that had gunshot wounds,” he said. “We were trying to get to them and get EMS in there to help them, so very chaotic."

Coffer said it all started when they got a report of cars parked up and down a nearby road, and as a tow truck was taking away some of those cars parked over the white line, shots started firing.

“We were noticing some victims come out with gunshot wounds. There were still more gunshots going off, and then we tried to disperse the crowd,” Coffer said.

But the witness said getting out of that crowd wasn’t easy. He said, all they could do was take shelter within the car until they had a clear path out.

“I’m just glad we made it out, and I’m sorry for the victims who didn’t,” he said.

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