Governor Abbott discusses how COVID-19 impacts Texas budget

Governor Abbott discusses how COVID-19 impacts Texas budget
Governor Abbott brings update on COVID-19 (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Every industry has felt a hit from COVID-19, but many are wondering how outbreaks in meatpacking plants will effect the grain, beef, cattle, diary and hog industries. Luckily, Governor Abbott has a plan.

“We are working with the industry, whether it be to find alternative locations or other strategies to help them make sure that they are able to get to market the food and products and the cattle that they raise. So yes, we are actively working with them to assist them anyway we possibly can,” said Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

There are other plans to bring some industries back to the United States which the U.S. had originally sent off shore.

“This is a lesson learned. What the country is doing, is they are re-shoring, or bringing back to the United States of America, the manufacturing capability of things like masks, of other PPE, of medicines and things like that, so we will never have to be dependent upon another country for a response to a pandemic like this again,” said Governor Abbott.

The Director of the Amarillo Public Health Department told us today, each COVID-19 test costs between $50 and $100, depending on the lab. The governor explained where the funding is coming from to test all of our senior living facilities.

“The funding for this comes directly from the federal government. Part of it is through the CARES Act, part of it is through a funding strategy devoted solely to this entire testing process. The good news is none of this comes out of the Texas state budget,” said Governor Abbott.

The Mayor and City Manager of Amarillo explained they estimate the City will be in about $8 to $10 million of debt by September. They said they will be taking aggressive and conservative steps so they will not have to dip into reserves or raising taxes.

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