Amarillo senior living facility using contact tracing wristbands during COVID-19

KFDA Local senior living facility using contact tracing wristbands during COVID-19

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A nursing home in Amarillo is using a contact tracing wristband to help increase safety measures within the facility during the pandemic.

The wristbands are created by a company called CarePredict, which uses real time contact tracing technology in senior living facilities, and this technology has been critical in our local senior facility The Legacy At Townsquare during COVID-19.

“So when COVID-19 hit, we developed a software suite that leveraged our expertise and our technologies that were already in place, so we could do real time, basically instantaneous, contact tracing," Gerald Wilmink, Chief Business Officer for CarePredict said.

Wilmink says most facilities go through a manual contact tracing process, which is often extremely timely and inaccurate.

However, he says the wristbands provide an accurate reading of everyone an individual has come in contact with and everywhere the person has been in the facility in a matter of minutes. This allows for the facility to decontaminate locations much quicker.

“You’re using manual contact tracing alone, you make a phone call to the infected person under investigation, it takes two hours to go through all the people, and they’re trying to remember, you know I probably forget 50 percent of the contacts, so with our system, they get a report, a digitized report of exactly everybody that they were in contact with, the duration, and location," Wilmink said.

Joe Walter, the executive director of The Legacy at Townsquare, says the wristbands are an essential part of the facility.

Walter says they used the wristbands after one of their staff members called in sick recently. The facility was able to rectify the situation much quicker than they would have had they had to contact trace manually.

“After getting off the phone with her, literally within five minutes, I had an entire contact tracing report built that showed what residents she had been in contact with, what team members she had been in contact with, where the contact was made, for how long the interactions were at each individual time," Walter said.

Walter says the facility also values the accuracy the wristbands provide when a report is pulled.

“All those things can happen super fast, but being fast if only one part of that," Walter said. "If you get bad information really fast, you’re still not doing yourself any good, and luckily with the CarePredict software, it’s not just fast, it’s extremely accurate.”

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