GOOD NEWS: Acts of generosity bring good news during COVID-19 pandemic

VIDEO: Acts of generosity bring good news during COVID-19 pandemic

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Recently, we have found examples of generosity, appreciation of those who bless us and stories of triumph.

It's been another week packed with all kinds of news in our area, but I'm finding plenty of good news stories to share.

The Randall County Sheriff’s Office Swat team has been generously donating time to help with daily food distribution at Sundown Lane and Lakeview Elementary schools.

In these wide open areas, however, the intense sun and our early season heat has become an issue on many occasions.

The Derksen Buildings company was made aware of the situation and stepped in to help. The company donated materials and manpower to construct a nice shelter for the volunteers to make the distribution times a bit more comfortable out of the sun.

“So we have a building here and a building at Sundown Lane. It gives the ladies some coverage, also lets them have some time of break from the heat and possible rain that we may get," said Sgt. Cantu with the Randall County Sheriff’s Office.

Great team effort there. It has been an unusual transition in our schools recently, affecting both teachers and students.

You have probably heard of some school parades where teachers convoy through neighborhoods so they can actually be seen in person by students instead of on a computer screen.

But what about the reverse? For teacher appreciation week some 4th grade students from Bushland and families organized a parade to recognize their homeroom teachers.

This time the teachers sat and greeted students as they paraded by.

“We wanted to have a parade for our teachers today because we miss them terribly, not just the kids but the parents, so we just wanted to show a little bit of our appreciation to them," said Tori Bonner, a mom to one of the Bushland students.

It is wonderful to see people recognized for accomplishments, especially young people triumphing over difficult situations.

As part of an initiative called Empower Kindness, an anti-bullying campaign, the Amarillo Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery group has awarded a scholarship to their selected recipient Lynda Phan, a senior at Highland Park High School.

After experiencing some bullying in her on life, Lynda’s positive outlook is touching and contagious.

“All my life I’ve been surrounded by a few people that have been negative to me, and that has not really gotten me far in life, whether that be good thoughts in my brain or thinking that I’m not good enough," said Lynda Phan. “I made it my mission to just be kind to people because I don’t know other people’s stories. I don’t know how they’re living their life, and I don’t know how they’re feeling at this exact moment. I make it very known in the school and as a leader that anyone can come to me. They don’t have to know my name. They just need to know that I’m the nice girl. By doing so, I believe that kindness, doing kindness, will just start a change.”

Along with the scholarship, Lynda has been selected the Practices Empowering Kindness Ambassador to encourage others in similar situations.

That just shouts Good News.

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