Good News: Positive stories come to light during coronavirus outbreak

VIDEO: Positive stories come to light during coronavirus outbreak

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - In this latest week of sheltering and social distancing, some positive stories have emerged.

First of all, we have some nice, warm spring weather today which allows folks to get out of their homes and into the fresh air, that’s good news. And there are some great things happening around the area as usual.

Congratulations are in order for a group of media and advertising students at WT.

The state convention may have been canceled due to the pandemic, but students Alyssa Gonzales, Jonah Dietz, Caesar Escalante, Savannah Wesley, and Olivia Spiezio from the Prairie News garnered some top honors in several categories. The Buffalo Advertising Group took first place honors in its first time ever to enter in the competition.

Go Buffs!

Our senior citizen population has certainly been affected lately by isolation and not being able to interact with others in their cherished social gatherings.

At the Continental Independent Living Center, a special social event with safe social distancing practices took place this past week to entertain residents and lift some morale.

Musicians on flatbed, performed a concert for the seniors from the parking lots, first on one side of the building and then the other

This allowed folks to come out on their balconies, away from others, and enjoy the entertainment. It made for a special, happy day for the residents and they were thankful for the opportunity.

Some people are finding old school and nostalgic ways to connect and socialize with others.

Remember the good old evening drags?

In decades past this was a major social event as folks spruced up their vehicles for a slow ride down the city streets, meeting up with others in cars and sharing the evening together.

The evening drag has been resurrected in Wellington. Organizer Prentice Coffee decided it would be a great way for folks to sit safely in their lawn chairs and enjoy waving to and seeing other folks in the area bringing the drag to them. Hot rods, classic cars, and just good old folks in their cars will hit the streets for another drag this Sunday evening.

It’s just fun finding good news!

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