Good news throughout Amarillo despite many coronavirus restrictions

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Due to restrictions in place because of the current pandemic, people may be interacting with each other from a distance or possibly not at all.

I am finding all kinds of ways that people are caring for others and trying to lift spirits. One way has to do with rocks in my neighborhood.

As my wife and I enjoy the weather and take walks in our neighborhood, we are finding many painted rocks placed along our path.

Some are simply painted with pretty colors, while others have short inspirational messages written on them.

It is a nice feeling knowing someone just wants to brighten my day. It makes my day a little better.

Here is some good news, especially for children and anyone that likes dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs have arrived. It’s all part of the new Outdoor Science Park being developed at the Don Harrington Discovery Center.

The outdoor park will include fun and exciting items like a pit to dig for fossils, a tennis ball launcher, outdoor musical instruments, and a solar telescope.

The highlight of the expansion, however, are life sized dinosaur replicas which are currently being installed and can currently be seen at the Discovery Center grounds.

Construction will be completed next month, and the park will open as soon as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

In this time of distancing and isolation, people are finding some wonderful ways to connect, have fun and benefit others in the process.

Alex Fairly of the Fairly Group in Amarillo saw video of a virtual choir singing a hymn.

It inspired him with an idea to help people in our area come together and help others in a fun way.

“We were hoping to inspire Amarillo during this time, but it turns out, we are the ones being inspired! Not only Amarillo, but from the Panhandle and state, but literally the country, and the world where all these video performers have come from.” said Fairly.

The contest is called Stay Home and Sing.

More than 100 teams and groups in different categories are performing and submitting song videos which will be judged by a panel, including myself.

At, the public will vote on the finalists, and winners will be selected. Some of the winning groups will receive $5,000 to further the blessing by donating to local charities.

Everybody wins, and who doesn't like Good News?

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