Senior Spotlight: Amarillo Track and Cross Country

VIDEO: Senior Spotlight on Amarillo Track/Cross Country

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Running, more running and you guessed it, even more running.

That’s what Amarillo High School Seniors Branch Cox and Jake Warden have been doing for the last four year, and they’ve gotten pretty good at it.

“I’ve been with these guys forever, and we’re still practicing social distancing, but we’re putting a little work in while we’re at it,” Warden said about running outside of school during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’re just training for the next thing, man.”

Because of the pandemic, another track or cross country meet might not happen for some time.

“Track season might be cancelled right now, but the hope that it might come back, we’ll be ready to shake and bake,” Cox said.

Since they’re always ready, Cox says there’s not much these seniors can’t accomplish, whether it’s playing an intense game of wiffle ball, competing in Fortnite tournaments, or running long distances.

It’s that confidence that allows runners like Cox to be so dominating on the track. He’s won districts the past two years in cross country, he’s been Amarillo High’s MVP three years in a row, and just this past year, he qualified for the state tournament. So it’s no wonder how he does it when he and his teammates get together to run 8 miles every day like it’s no big deal.

“You know, the thing that drives us, is that there is always something else,” Warden said. “There’s always something to train for, and so, we were shocked when the girls’ races were cancelled, and then all of a sudden, our whole season was cancelled, or postponed. At this point, we’re just gonna keep training like something’s coming up.”

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