Mailman delivers during pandemic despite his own battle

Mailman delivers during pandemic despite his own battle

DUMAS, Texas (KFDA) - We are resuming our Above and Beyond segment this week, to honor a mailman in Dumas who goes the extra mile.

Duane Rawle is his name and making others smile is his game.

In fact, Duane delivering the mail may be Lily Henderson’s favorite part of the day.

“Who’s your mailman?” said Tara Henderson.

“My Duane!,” said Lily Henderson, Tara’s 3-year-old daughter.

You can find him dressed in a bright green tutu, or more recently, dressed as the Easter bunny.

“He will go out of his way to make sure your packages are delivered to you safely, and on time and most importantly with a smile,” said Tara.

“My little sister absolutely loves him," said Emma Henderson, Tara’s 11-year-old. "Every time Duane comes, she screams ‘Duane’s here!’”

The fact that he continues delivering the mail right now is brave, as his wife is battling lupus and is immune compromised.

“It’s a pretty big battle that they’re fighting, and for him to come door to door like he does during a time like this, it’s got to be pretty scary for him and his family," said Tara. “We just really appreciate, you know, him going out of his way like he does.”

NewsChannel10 helped the Henderson’s honor him for going above and beyond.

When you ask him what keeps him going, he says:

“I’m really proud to do it, because I see all my customers out here, and a lot of them are kind of displaced and scared right now," said Rawle. “I wanted to do something that would lighten the mood and make everybody realize it’s all going to be okay.”

He says delivering the mail right now can be overwhelming.

“It really hits home for us when they’re using some of her medications to treat the COVID, and we kind of worry [if it’s] going to be available for her," he said, “It’s really scary, but we’re all staying faithful and optimistic that’s it’s going to be over soon.”

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