13-year-old local basketball player works to change the game

Sadie Sanchez has big dreams and has turned to social media to keep playing the game.

13-year-old local basketball player works to change the game

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Sadie Sanchez lives and breathes basketball. At just 13-years-old, she’s won a handful of competitions and has even joined in practices with the Randall High School Lady Raiders.

Her sister, Sierra, and her dad, Joey Sanchez, helped spark her interest in the sport when she was just six years old. Now a seventh grader at Westover Junior High, she’s already grabbed the attention of the coaching staff at Randall High School. She’s built strong relationships with a few Lady Raiders coaches, including head coach Brooke Walthall.

“We built a relationship last summer and we’ve competed against eachother,” said Walthall. “It’s so nice to see a kid that works hard and her success is showing and we really enjoy her and her dad.”

Her father, Joey, doubles as her dad and club coach.

“I’m a dad first," said Sanchez. "So I want to make sure it comes from that place first and just letting her now as a trainer and coach she can do anything she puts her mind to.”

Her dad supports every dream she sets her mind to and has encouraged her to participate in many different competitive events, many of which she’s won.

The first competition Sadie won was in San Antonio.

“We did a free throw competition and I won that and got a medal and it was very exciting for me,” said Sanchez.

Sadie Sanchez wins free throw competition in San Antonio.
Sadie Sanchez wins free throw competition in San Antonio. (Source: Joey Sanchez)

She also won a three point contest that took place at the Dallas Nationals when she was 12 years old.

Lately, with local courts being closed, she has been unable to practice shooting hoops. Even though she can’t go to her local public court, she hasn’t stopped practicing. Now, she has taken her skills to the driveway and to social media.

“I like to do the different challenges and if I don’t get it right away I like to keep practicing and practicing,” said Sanchez. “It’s really fun and I like the music and the way I dribble with it.”

Lady Raiders freshman coach Kalee Carey-Carter has been tagging Sadie and other young girls in different challenges to encourage them to keep practicing.

“I just started scrolling through and finding different dribble challenges and post player challenges and just tagging the kids in them," said Carter. “Sadie has tried just about every single one that I’ve tagged her in which is awesome.”

The courts may be closed and practice is on hold but that hasn’t stopped her from dreaming big.

“I want to make Varsity as a freshman for right now and then hopefully go to a D1 college,” said Sanchez. “I would love to play in the WNBA when I’m older, that’s one of my dreams and goals too.”

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