Good news breaks through during difficult times

VIDEO: Good news breaks through during difficult times

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Folks in our area continue to rally together to meet all kinds of needs.

Many college students have suddenly lost their jobs as local businesses cut back or close altogether.

If you are looking for a way to help someone in need during this crisis, WTAMU now has a Buffaloes Response Fund to help students with loss of income.

Many senior citizens in our area are now unable to receive visitors and are even more isolated and lonely than before.

Park Place Retirement Center is filling the gap with children by asking them to become pen pals.

Children can write letters and draw pictures to mail in to Park Place in order to touch the lives and put smiles on the faces of senior citizens. Your children can join. Their goal is 1,000 pen pals by Easter.

Because churches aren’t meeting together, Easter may be a little different this year.

There are some creative Easter events being organized though.

Temple Baptist Church is hosting a Prayer Drive.

You can meet at 9:30 a.m. to join a convoy of vehicles that will drive Loop 335, praying over Amarillo as they circle the city.

You may recall Myrt, the sweet lady that turned 100-years-old last week who got a special surprise visit from the fire department and their dog Sparky.

Well, during the surprise visit, the firefighters noticed the condition of Myrt’s yard. They soon retuned with tools and equipment.

In no time, they had Myrt’s yard cleaned and freshened up, making her birthday even more special.

Be sure to let me know about good news that you see or hear about.

I will have more for you next week, we all need good news!

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