Amarillo volunteers are printing 3D face shields for area hospitals

Amarillo volunteers are printing 3D face shields for area hospitals

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Many Amarillo businesses are not able to operate right now do to COVID-19, leaving many individuals at home.

Amarillo dentist Jake Modery got a group of individuals together to print 3D face shields for medical workers here in our area.

They have spent this past week figuring out the right prototype to work best and what ways they can sanitize them to be able to reuse these items.

So far they have completed 100 shields for BSA hospital, but that is just the beginning.

“Even here locally we have seen first hand with the drive through line, with people only having a mask on, nothing over their face, their eyes. It’s something that absolutely can’t be an oversight,” said Jake Modery DDS, creator of volunteer group and dentist at Modery Family Dental.

“We’ve got just over 24 volunteers printing, and among those 24 people we have about 50 3D printers going around the clock around the community. We are looking to see this week of possibly producing upwards of 200 to 300 a day,” said Dr. Modery.

The volunteers come from all walks of life, from dentists to geologists, and there are still ways you can help.

“The way the rest of the community can help is by funding us. If there is anyone else that has a 3D printer they can join up and that way we can let the health care workers know they are not alone in this fight,” said David Jenkins, geologist and volunteer.

The shields are being donated to hospitals and clinics at no cost.

“The primary purpose of that is to reimburse all of our volunteers for their materials and additionally down the road all the donated 3D printers that we’ve gotten, we are going to be giving back to the community whether that’s to schools and educational institutions, and then at the very end if we do have some surplus funds available we’re going to be looking to donate that back to the community as well,” said Dr. Modery.

Word has spread and the group is seeing requests from outside of Amarillo.

“We’re starting to get orders from across the state so, we’ve landed on something that a lot of the medical field likes” said David Jenkins.

To support the GoFundMe campaign for face shields for medical workers visit 3D Printing PPE for Amarillo Hospitals or to sign-up to volunteer visit their facebook group Amarillo Prints PPE.

3D Printing PPE for Amarillo Hospitals
3D Printing PPE for Amarillo Hospitals (Source: Amarillo PPE)

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