Good news continues to flood in during difficult times

VIDEO: Good news continues to flood in during difficult times

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - For many people, life has been a little less certain lately with disruptions to routines and new concerns about the future.

In this new environment it seems that good news is even more refreshing.

It has been really uplifting to watch the show of support for different groups as we go through this crisis together.

This past week there has been an outpouring of support for workers in our medical community.

Neighborhood homes and some businesses have been displaying item of yellow in a show of support and gratitude to those on the front lines dealing with the pandemic.

Prayer vigils and rallies have been held at our local hospitals as supporters gather together in parking lots with flashing lights, praise music and prayers and encouragement for the hospital staff.

More and more facilities are no longer open to the public, including Amarillo Fire stations. That means no public tours or field trip visits from school children.

Instead, the fire dept is actually coming out to see children in their own neighborhoods.

Sparky the fire dog will be riding on a fire truck as he visits neighborhoods and greets children from the truck.

The fire department will post Sparky’s schedule of neighborhood visits on its Facebook page, so kids can be ready and waiting.

It’s an effort to continue involvement with the public and put smiles on faces.

Sparky visited the hospitals, and even got to make a special ‘happy birthday’ visit yesterday to Myrt on her 100th birthday.

And, on a personal note, I received some very good news this week that I wanted to share.

After undergoing surgery and treatment for prostate cancer over the past several months, my doctor’s visit this week revealed that the cancer is gone.

The PSA screening number that was abnormally high and was really my first indication of cancer is now almost undetectable at 0.008, and my prognosis is excellent for the future.

That is really, really, really, good news, and I share that so other men and their families can have good news as well.

If you are a man over 50, please have your prostate checked and get a digital exam.

Early detection can lead to awesome news!

Be looking for good news, I will do the same.

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