Good news during a difficult time

VIDEO: Good news during a difficult time

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - As we have all experienced in recent weeks, much of the news on the worldwide stage, and even locally, has been rather concerning. In this environment, many positive stories may tend to go unnoticed.

Lately we have been overwhelmed with some heavy and even stressful news, but in the midst of these chaotic times, there are plenty of awesome things going on and I wanted to share some good news with you.

Cale was supposed to have a big police officer themed party for his 6th birthday. Since the large gathering would no longer be possible, it looked like the party wouldn’t happen, but the Amarillo Police Department got wind of the situation and actually brought the party to Cale, complete with real policemen, badges, motorcycles, and helmets. The officers ended up giving him a genuine policeman experience beyond Cale’s expectations and an absolute thrill for his birthday.

As you know, many churches have had to discontinue regular congregational services and go to alternative plans. I love the innovation put into place at one local church.

Chaparral Hills Baptist Church has started drive-in services, just like a drive-in movie. Members arrive in their vehicles, park in the parking lot, turning their radios to hear the service on a local frequency. The service is complete with praise music, and the pastor delivers a message over the radio in front of the church parking lot turned into a drive-in church.

Another really positive development I have noticed lately is what seems to be more family activity outdoors, the way it used to be in my neighborhood and around the city.

Families seem to be enjoying some fun ways of spending time together, including walks, games and activities outdoors. Kids are even going on so called “bear hunts.” Based on a children’s book of a bear hunt theme, people are placing bears and other animals in their windows for kids to hunt and find as they romp the neighborhood. It is just great to see groups outdoors and off of computers and social media spending quality time together.

Even in these new and sometimes challenging times, good things are happening. Keep your eyes open and let me know what you see. I will be doing just that with more good news on the way.

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