Experts explain how to deal with stress-eating during COVID-19 pandemic

Experts explain how to deal with stress-eating during COVID-19 pandemic

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Stress-eating unhealthy foods could be doing more harm than good to your body during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Twenty-seven percent of adults report they eat to manage stress, so food may feel like the easiest way to comfort ourselves.

Adults also admit that their stress eating then becomes a habit.

Health experts claim that emotionally eating food with little nutrition can weaken immune systems and worsen moods.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, health experts recommend protecting our bodies and staying positive is especially important.

“I’ve seen it in the community and heard of people hoarding food, having the snack foods and wanting to binge on those snack foods,” said Northwest Texas Healthcare System Clinical Nutrition Manager Rachel Hutto MS, RD, LD. “If you don’t necessarily have a well-rounded diet in the first place, looking to getting into a more well-rounded diet right now is really important.”

On the other side of stress-eating, the APA showed about 30 percent of adults reported skipping a meal due to stress caused by a lack of appetite.

For those who do have a lack of appetite, Hutto recommended drinking calories to get more nutrition, such as having a protein shake.

Hutto added that if you can’t fight cravings for unhealthy foods during times of anxiety, to at least make sure you stay active as a way to release endorphins and lift your mood.

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