City of Amarillo shares information about conducting contact investigations

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo is answering questions regarding the contact investigations being conducted for COVID-19 patients.

A contact investigation is the process of identifying people who may have come into contact with a person carrying a contagious disease.

Amarillo Public Health officials with extensive training in contact investigations are conducting the investigations for cases in our area.

The purpose of these investigations is to alert contacts to the possibility of infection, to help prevent the spread of the infection, offer diagnosis and treatment to infected individuals and to learn about a particular disease.

Once an investigation is done, individuals that came into contact with the infected person are given instructions regarding quarantine and what to do if they become sick.

People that are thought to have medium or high risk are followed up with daily about symptoms.

Information that is released is the direct result of stopping the spread of a disease.

If the investigation shows that there is potential for wide spread of the disease, then information will be released widespread.

If the investigation shows a small circle of potential spread, then information released will be targeted to those individuals at risk.

In every case, the information released must respect patient confidentiality, as well as balancing the false sense of security or a false sense of panic.

According to the City, it’s important that precautions shouldn’t change if you learn that the infected person visited one grocery store versus another.

Unless you are contacted by Public Health officials, you should continue practicing the same recommendations provided by the CDC, enhanced hygiene practices, social distancing, limiting outings to only what is necessary and cancelling all gatherings.

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