COMMENTARY: Service work shines in crisis

Show compassion, consideration to those who support us

COMMENTARY: Service work shines in crisis
Support service industry workers who support you. (Source: Gray TV)

(Commentary) - Admit it, you and I have taken them for granted.

The people who serve you at a restaurant, who haul goods cross country and all over the world by truck, rail and cargo plane and who turn down your hotel room comforter while you’re on the road -- all are vital to the fabric of our society.

Those are just a few examples of people who often go unnoticed but whose contribution to our well-being is critical, especially in times of crisis.

With life virtually at a standstill for many of us, a lot of these infrastructure roles continue unabated, impervious to the chaos around them.

Food, drink and sundries must still be made, packaged, boxed, hauled and placed on store shelves.

People still crave a good meal from their local restaurant, regardless of whether they can still sit in the dining room or have to pick it up at the curb.

It’s wonderful to see an outpouring of recognition and support for these workers the last couple of days as people face the sobering reality that life isn’t going to be the same, at least for a while.

The unfortunate truth is that many service industry jobs are already in peril because of economic uncertainty and sheer decreased demand in the airline, hospitality and tourism sectors.

It has been heartening to see social media flooded with calls to support locally-owned restaurants, which often operate on razor-thin margins under normal circumstances.

But the concern is much larger than that. Think of all your favorite local businesses and how a downturn in foot traffic has owners considering how to maintain the livelihood of themselves and their employees.

All of this boils down to one overarching thing -- be kind, compassionate and considerate of your neighbors and those you don’t know but interact with often, not only in the service industry but in all facets of daily life.

It’s one thing we can control in the face of uncertainty.

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