3rd graders work to raise money for their friend fighting second round of cancer

VIDEO: 3rd graders work to raise money for their friend fighting second round of cancer

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - When difficult circumstances affect people, it’s often children that step up to lend assistance.

At one of our area elementary schools, some students have joined forces to raise support for a classmate.

Zander is a third grader at Lakeview Elementary, and sadly he’s battling cancer for the second time in his young life, but he has some strong community support, including comrades Jaycon and Jonah, two of his classmates.

“When we found out we were really sad, because he’s been our friend for a long time. He actually had cancer in first grade too, so he wasn’t here for a long time,” said Jonah Neely, Lakeview 3rd grader.

“Now he is in the hospital still fighting for cancer,” said Jaycon Bullard, Lakeview 3rd grader.

The boys decided to partner up to generate support for Zander.

“We actually started our business. We thought of Zander, so we did business for Zander,” said Bullard.

“When we went back, we were thinking of a business to do to just get some money to buy something, and then we thought of our friend Zander to raise money for him,” said Neely.

“We mow yards, we picked up dog dooky, and we raked yards, and we wash cars.” said Bullard.

Their business venture has proven to be quite successful.

When I asked how much money they had raised, Bullard said “$253.”

The boys are pleased with the effect that their endeavor has had on others.

I asked how they got the ball rolling after starting at their first house.

“This girl, I guess, it was a grand blessing. She gave all of it,” said Bullard.

“She gave us all of her money that she tried to find around the house, and she gave it to us, because she wanted to help us raise money for Zander,” said Neely.

In the spirit of true friendship, the boys just want their work to bless Zander.

“He’s really proud, and we’ll get to see him one day this week,” said Bullard.

“Yeah, I want his face to be really surprised. That’s what I want to be happy,” said Neely.

If you would like to join Jaycon and Jonah to support Zander, donations can be made by contacting the Lakeview Elementary PTA or me here at NewsChannel 10.

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