Next phase of State Loop 335 set to begin this summer

Updated: Mar. 5, 2020 at 5:28 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Improvements to the traveling system in Amarillo continues as a new phase of the State Loop 335 construction project is set to begin this summer.

“The ultimate goal is to get State Loop 335 to it’s true loop form, and this is just another part of this process. It’s a project that’s been being worked on for the last several years,” said Sonja Gross, public information officer for TXDOT.

This upcoming $50 million project is the third phase of the loop as TXDOT has already been making progress on the full upgrade.

“Most people are already familiar with what we’ve accomplished on the southeastern portion, where Randall High School is, and we’re working to accomplish that same goal throughout the rest of the loop project," said Gross.

This project will consist of construction of the frontage roads on Helium Road. Construction will go through the Helium Plant and will finish by connecting Helium Road to the already existing loop on SW 9th Avenue.

Gross says she isn’t expecting this phase of the loop project to have much impact on traffic early on, but as construction nears I-40, traffic could then see some impact.

“This area probably isn’t going to be impacted from a travel standpoint, because it’s going to be mostly along the frontage roads," said Gross. “But as we get to doing work on I-40 and over I-40, there will be some impacts on construction, so as we get closer to that, we’ll be sharing it with everyone.”

City Official Kyle Schniederjan says the City of Amarillo will have to make some minor adjustments for the current phase, but not nearly as much as they have for previous phases.

“On the portion of the loop that’s under construction right now, we’re moving some older water lines that come in from our water line wells, and then on the South Loop by Randall High School. We had some extensive utility adjustments for that portion of the loop," said Schniederjan.

TXDOT is hoping to improve the overall flow of traffic city-wide.

“Our overall goal is to improve the transportation system for all of the traveling public," said Gross. “If you’re a mom trying to get your kids to school, if you’re someone trying to get to work or you’re just someone who has an interest in better transportation here in Amarillo, that’s the ultimate goal.”

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