Amarillo College professor leaving a lasting impact on students

Amarillo College professor leaving a lasting impact on students

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - In the classroom at Amarillo college, Anne Stich is described as a passionate teacher.

A group of her massage therapy students said her lessons extend beyond the classroom.

“Because of her, I feel more prepared for my career path,” said one of her former students, Hilary Brandt. “I feel that her compassion is what drove us to learn the knowledge in such a short amount of time that we feel prepared for the state licensing exam.”

Brandt says Stich wrote a handbook for them and created a USB full of all their classroom materials.

She even went the extra mile to get them hands-on experience and a clientele base before the class was over.

“She only had roughly 20 days to teach us [anatomy and physiology] and roughly 10 days to teach us pathology,” she said. “She did a lot knowing we weren’t the only thing on her plate. She was concerned about each one of us, and how well we were doing and she really wanted us to have the information.”

Other students echoed that statement, saying she tailored her teaching skills to each one of them.

“Some of us are single moms, and my son was able to come to class with us,” said another student, Jennie Wright. “He’s six years old and she included him in that. She didn’t make him feel like a burden to her teaching and that was really special to me.”

That’s why they nominated Stich for going above and beyond.

“There are people out there who want you to succeed, and a good teacher makes all the difference for your career path,” said Brandt.

“We just want to give [her] a shout out and say thank you Anne, and we love you,” said another student, Ben Luna.

NewsChannel10 decided to help them honor her, by stopping by one of her classes.

When asked how it felt to have former students commend her, she said:

“I’m just trying to do a good job for all of these folks too and I just feel like I’m getting them on a good start to their next career.”

Stich said she was a physicians assistant for almost 30 years and wants to teach others the importance of taking good care of people.

“I just love my job because education is good for every single person in the world and especially for our children because they are our future,” she said. “So I am counting on them to take care of me, and my family and the rest of the community because that’s what we rely on each other for... is to share our gifts with everybody.”

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