Growing art movement inspires more murals to soon pop up throughout Amarillo

Updated: Feb. 27, 2020 at 8:22 AM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo’s Mural Grant Project is back in full swing after a successful first year.

Murals have become the latest trend in Amarillo, and soon many will be able to see more art popping up around the city.

For the second year, The Arts and Beautification Committee will award mural grants to business owners who would like to contribute to Amarillo’s growing art movement.

The project’s goal is to enhance the city’s appearance, employ more artists, raise awareness and appreciation for art as well as create civic pride and encourage tourism.

“When we started this board, I kept driving by buildings and I would think, ‘that building just looks like a canvas,’" said City of Amarillo Chair of Public Arts and Beautification Committee Jason Boyett. "I’ve been to other cities, other downtown areas and they had these great murals. People were taking photos in front of them and I wanted Amarillo to be the same and so did a lot of other people. This board is helping to make that possible. Now that we have six to eight new murals in the city that we didn’t have a couple of years ago, is proof of that progress.”

The Mural Grant Project is a reimbursement grant that will allow property owners to partner with an artist, create a mural and receive up to half reimbursement from the city after it’s complete.

Last year, the city gave five businesses money to fund their mural and this year, the city has a total of $30,000 to give to businesses in five different parts of the city.

Applications for the project are open now until March 20.

During the selection process, the city will hear the business owners’ mural pitches.

To apply, email or find the application and more information here.

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