Canadian River Sand Drags event becoming much safer for attendees

KFDA Canadian Sand Drags

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Since the Canadian River Sand Drags has been one of the most heavily attended events in the Texas Panhandle for the last few decades, safety is always a major factor.

“We come down here every year, just to have fun, get a scene, go down there to the sand drags and race and try and hopefully go home with the trophy,” says Joshua McCauley, a regular attendee at this event.

Over the last 30 years, thousands of people from different states attend the Canadian River Sand Drags, and many are saying the climate of this event has significantly changed over the years.

“It’s changed quite a bit," says Travis Ridlee, another regular attendee. “They used to have a lot of competitions out here, sand drags, rock crawling events, and vendors would come out here with food trucks, stuff like that, they’ve kind of shut all that down.”

One of the biggest changes is the gradual decrease of the party culture that once took place during this weekend.

“It was really out of control there for a long time," says Ridlee. “They’ve got it pretty good now, and many people still come out even though there’s no events. There’s still quite a few people that come out here to the Sand Drags weekend every year, but it’s not near as out of control as it used to be.”

Amarillo’s law enforcement has played a major role in making this event family friendly.

“We took care of a lot of the stuff that was going on down there," says Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas. “We kind of cleaned that up to where it’s a respectable event, and so we just have not seen the need for us to be there like we were enforced 11 years ago.”

Potter County’s Sheriff’s Department will be ready to go, should someone report any suspicious activity.

“Over the last couple of years, our guys go down there, we still patrol through there," says Sheriff Thomas. “We are ready to go in case something does happen, and I’ve got four-wheelers and everything all up and ready to go if that need arises.”

As for now, the guests we’ve spoken to at this event are happy that they can now come every year and be ensured a safe and great experience.

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