Good News with Dave: Texhoma students organize drive your tractor to school day

VIDEO: Good News with Dave: Texhoma students organize drive your tractor to school day

TEXHOMA, OK. (KFDA) - Well its morning, it’s the first light of day on a snowy morning. I’m getting in a tractor, but I’m not heading to the farm fields, I’m going to school.

At Texhoma High School, today was drive your farm equipment to school day.

An event designed to mix a little fun with the hard work on the farm that students are used to.

“Absolutely, the morale, the culture, the climate, I’m a big proponent of building relationships with kids. And the way to do that is to find out what they love. And here is Texhoma, it’s agriculture and tractors and farming, and so with this being FFA week, the kids came to me and asked ‘hey, can we do this crazy parade,’ and I was like absolutely, why not,” said Texhoma High School Principal Connie Miller

“They have to have fun in order to want to learn, English classes, not what you call fun and math. So you have to do some other classes that allow them to work with their hands and get involved in doing something. And it’s a great community because all the support, parents all brought their equipment out today, so it’s a good day,” said Agriculture Teacher Jimmy Crosby.

After a quick parade near the school, the parking lot slowly filled with tractors, cattle trucks and Big Rigs.

I told FFA student, Wyatt Merry, it’s not every morning you loos across the school parking lot and see tractors and trucks all over the place.

“No, not an everyday sight,” said Merry.

The idea for the event was concocted by FFA students Wyatt and Olivia Merry.

“Really it’s all about where the student gets to drive a tractor to school and gets to celebrate FFA week. Really what I think it is. Something new for us, something that hasn’t been done. My sister, she’s an officer, so she’s kind of the one who got it set up, and I was there kind of supporting her with it,” said Merry.

The students are excited about rallying together and plowing ahead into the future.

“I think the future depends on us younger farmers that are in FFA, because it really sparks up leadership,” said Merry.

“It teaches youngsters how to develop career skills, leadership skills, we use agriculture to help them learn how to function as functional adults,” said Crosby.

The school hopes the event will help to plant seeds of memories that will be harvested by students down the road.

“We are a really small rural community, so anything that we do big, and we consider this big, I will always stick with them. It’ll be a memory they’ll have as they go on,” said Miller.

Fun events like this get agriculture students, the entire school and the entire town of Texhoma excited about the future, and that’s good news.

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