Amarillo man wins prestigious award for works preserving Texas history

A man in Amarillo wins a prestigious award, honoring his work of preserving history in the area.

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A man in Amarillo wins a prestigious award, honoring his work of preserving history in the area.

Alvin Lynn has been protecting Texas history his entire life, and because of his work, the Texas Historical Commission awarded him the Curtis D. Tunnel Lifetime Achievement Award in Archaeology.

Since Alvin Lynn's retirement from teaching in 1994, he has committed his personal time to research and volunteering for local county and regional museums.

“Our job is to keep people aware about archaeology, about preservation and taking care of our history and our artifacts, in such that we have,” said Alvin Lynn, Lifetime Achievement Award in Archaeology recipient.

Lynn has written books, discovered over 2,000 artifacts from battle sites using metal detectors and is a steward for the Texas Historic Commission. He spends countless hours volunteering, doing something he loves, protecting and educating people about history and archaeology.

Lynn’s wife, Nadyne, who describes herself as his cheerleader from day one, speaks emotionally of her husband’s work and dedication in archaeology.

“Archaeology has been his passion since I’ve known him and it just seems to have grown and grown. And people look to him, because he knows so much,” said Alvin Lynn’s Wife Nadyne Lynn.

According to the Texas Historic Commission Director, Lynn was nominated by four different people. The award he won honors Curtis D. Tunnel, who was Texas’ first state archaeologist and recognizes individuals for their outstanding accomplishments in research and preservation.

“It’s a lifetime achievement award, and he’s really spent a lifetime contributing and protecting Texas history,” said Texas Historical Commission Director Chris Florance.

Lynn says his next steps include writing more books, because he has a lot of information. Once he is physically able, he would like to get to more historic sites for research.

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