Above and Beyond: Pastor’s wife making an impact beyond the church doors

Above and Beyond: Pastor’s wife making an impact beyond the church doors

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Johnnie Edwards has been going to the Emmanuel Temple Church in Amarillo for as long as she can remember.

“That’s one of the reasons that I’m happy and content,” Edwards said. “I have peace. I just love going to church.”

She said there’s one person at her church who never gets the acknowledgement she deserves: Bobbie Demerson.

“She is just beautiful, and she’s kind, and compassionate and always busy,” she said. “If nobody is getting it done, she’s on the spot.”

Demerson proves her love for her church family even outside the church doors.

“I was talking one time at church about it... being so cold,” said Edwards. “Of course, I don’t have central heat and she heard me. The next day, she came and brought me an [electric blanket]. That was so sweet, and I enjoy it.”

Demerson also volunteers as a bible study teacher at Patsy’s Place to help formerly incarcerated women.

So when Edwards learned about our Above and Beyond segment, she picked up the phone.

“When I saw that on TV, I thought now that is Sister Bobbie,” she said. “She is above and beyond.”

NewsChannel10 decided to pop in to the Emmanuel Temple to surprise Demerson.

When you ask her why she is so committed to her community, she says:

“Number one, I love God and it’s hard to love Him and not love His people,” she said.

Even the women she teaches at Patsy’s Place participated in the surprise.

“I’m certainly humbled,” said Demerson. “To be honest about it, Mother Edwards is not necessarily what we call tech savvy. But, because she has a daughter [who] is, she just proved something to me. That is, when you want to do something and you want to do it bad enough, God will give you the resources to allow you to accomplish that."

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