Potter County and City of Amarillo backing St. Anthony’s Hospital Project

Potter County and City of Amarillo backing St. Anthony’s Hospital Project
The 119 year old empty St. Anthony's Hospital is in the process of partly becoming a senior living complex. (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The St. Anthony’s Hospital redevelopment project now has the backing of both the City of Amarillo and Potter County.

Now that both the County and the City have recommended the facility receive tax credits from the Texas Department of Housing, the North Heights Advisory Association is confident they will receive the proper funding to move forward in this development process.

Last year, the North Heights Advisory Committee did not get their tax credit application approved by the Department of Housing.

“We think with all the benefits of all the entities backing it between now and June, we think we have a much better shot at receiving these tax credits,” says Potter County Commissioner Alphonso Vaughn.

This week Potter County Commissioners unanimously voted to recommend the facility for a tax credit, and Commissioner Vaughn believes having the county and the city working together to back this project will help the Texas Department of Housing with their decision to approve this application.

“This is a prime opportunity, and certainly with the city and county on board too, to approve the application for tax credits,” says Vaughn.

President of the North Heights Advisory Committee, Mildred Darton, believes this project is receiving so much backing because of the necessity of this building.

“It was the board’s decision, because it’s something that the community so desperately needs. There isn’t anything of that nature in this community, and we have to drive across town to visit our seniors who are in a living facility,” says Darton.

But a senior living facility isn’t the only plan the committee has for the facility.

“Other entities that is so desperately needed in this community includes satellite social security offices, non-profits to come in with us for different services, a food hub, technology hub, and other things that the community needs,” she says.

The Texas Department of Housing is expected to have a decision on the tax application by this July.

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