Community members of San Jacinto neighborhood uniting for change

KFDA video: San Jacinto Plans for change

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) -Community members are planning to start by adding lighting, fixing the sidewalk, picking up trash, adding art and landscaping.

“Hopefully we will start seeing some of these projects emerge this spring and summer. There are going to be some longer term fixes as well, so you might not see things happening immediately, but know that people are working on some of the longer term projects that hopefully will be implemented in the next one year, five years, ten years,” said Urban Milestone President Cassie Wright.

Members are hoping to have a block party where neighbors can build the sense of community and work together in planting greenery, cleaning up, and calling Xcel to inform them of broken lights.

“That makes it more welcoming and also safe. Lighting has been shown to reduce crime dramatically,” said Jason Barrett San Jacinto resident and business owner.

The plan is to incorporate art by painting more murals, as well as create an artistic cross walk to catch drivers’ eyes and get them to slow down.

“We’ve been throwing around ideas for cross walks on the street and actually making them artistic, fun, and eye catching, so drivers will actually notice,” said Barrett.

Many want to see run down buildings either demolished or fixed, as they are eye soars and invite trespassers.

“It’s just easy to go in, and then you kind of get sucked in if there, and then it becomes a trap house. Then several are in there, doing drugs, and it’s really unsafe for the kids that walk by on their way to school,” said Sherrie Ferguson executive director of Amarillo YCCO.

Once these structures are taken down, there is an idea to create affordable housing in the vacant lots by building tiny houses.

“Putting four tiny houses on a lot makes you close to your neighbor. Maybe having a garden that you share there with vegetables, and you can reach out to the rest of the block. It brings neighbors closer,” said Ferguson.

The next implementation meeting will be at Generation Next on Thursday March 5 at 6:00 p.m.

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