New traffic light to go up on Soncy Road at Perry Avenue

The City of Amarillo has approved a new light signal to be installed at Soncy and Perry Avenue

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) -The City of Amarillo has approved a new light signal to be installed at Soncy and Perry Avenue on Amarillo’s southwest side.

On Soncy, south of Hillside, there have been numerous accidents near Buccola and Perry. They have tried reducing the speeding limit to 60 miles per hour, but the accidents continue, and now the city will be putting in a light signal.

“I actually love the idea because living in the neighborhood and having my business in the neighborhood, we see a lot of accidents just trying to leave out of the neighborhood and into Soncy because the speed limit is so high. Then trying to get across the highway or onto it without colliding onto a different vehicle is very, very difficult,” said Vihba Patel, lives in the neighborhood and owns a business on Buccola.

In 2016, TxDOT did a a traffic study on Soncy where Buccola and Perry are, to see if there was a need for a traffic signal.

The results from the study came back saying there was high volume of traffic and Perry would be the best place for the traffic signal.

“As people are moving out of the neighborhood and trying to go into oncoming traffic, especially at night time, we really can’t see how fast some of the cars are going," said Patel. "So, we really have to be cognizant of how fast they are going, or if we should even pull in, So, on the flip of the dime, we see accidents almost every single week.”

The City of Amarillo recently approved a $300,000 project to install the traffic light signal.

“That’s the estimated cost of it, and that’s because not only do we have to put up the traffic signals, the controllers, the electronics and all that go with it, on a wide arterial like that, we will also add a concrete center median at that location as well that adds to the cost,” said City of Amarillo Assistant Director of Public Works Donny Hooper.

The project will tentatively be completed by July of this year.

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