City of Amarillo saving money while improving public safety

VIDEO: City of Amarillo saving money while improving public safety

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo is pleased with their accomplishment of saving money while being able to increase public safety measures.

In November 2016, Amarillo voters approved Proposition 2 to improve public safety, and the city completed all projects under budget and ahead of schedule.

The recent ground breaking for a new fire station is one of the final projects that was funded by the proposition.

“We can have multiple projects running simultaneously, so, as you look at Prop 2, that’s really what took place. We had multiple projects happening at the same time, the construction of Fire Station 3 and Fire Station 9, they were both going on simultaneously” said Jerry Danforth, Director of Facilities and Capital Projects.

The city council expedited funds and projects based on necessity, which ultimately left excess money for the purchase of more safety equipment for all three public safety departments of Amarillo.

“Each of the departments have additional money in their propositions. That’s for what we call FF&E, which is furniture, fixtures, and equipment, that goes inside of those structures, the fire departments, you could imagine, a lot of furniture needs that they have. Two big ticket items for the fire department, when you look at that extra almost $2 million left over, is a new fire truck, new breathing apparatus, new cameras, some additional stuff they need inside the stations to function," said Danforth.

Not only was the fire department able to purchase another facility, they are also able to purchase equipment that will better serve victims.

“Thanks to the voters and Proposition 2 approval, we’ve been able to build two fire stations already, they are completed. We just broke ground on a third fire station, Fire House 5. We’ve also been able to purchase a new ladder truck that will be housed at Fire House 5 as well as thermal energy cameras and SCBA’s,” said Amarillo Fire Department Captain Kyle Joy.

Captain Joy also says anytime public safety departments can be helped, that can only ensure better safety for residents.

“Anytime that you can make your fire department better and your firefighters better, that helps the community. So this equipment, the new ladder truck on the south side of town, that helps response times, that helps coverage in that area. The thermal imagers, that’s a simple tool, but it’s new technology so it allows us to be more efficient when we go in and search for people inside of a burning stretcher.” said Joy.

Some of those projects included a quarantine and observation building for Animal Management and Welfare and a new gym for APD.

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