4 months into picketing, ASARCO strikers seeking national support

ASARCO strikers seek national support.

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Members from United Steelworkers, the union representing ASARCO employees in the strike, say they were in Washington D.C. last week to try and gain national support when it comes to negotiating a fair contract.

“Hopefully this will bring the strike on a national level. I think this really doesn’t matter what party you belong to. This strike should concern all Americans. Hopefully this will be nationalized, and we just want to get back to the negotiating table with ASARCO, get a fair contact and get these people back to work,” said Local 5613 President John Saavedra.

The union is confident in their meeting with U.S. Representatives last week.

“They have all agreed to get together a campaign to put pressure on ASARCO to get back to the negotiating table," said Saavedra.

The last negotiations, reportedly, took place back in November. There has not been any talk of further negotiations between the union and ASARCO.

“There hasn’t been any communication on both ends, but the ball is really in ASARCO’s court. We’re willing to negotiate, our days are always available to negotiate, so the ball is really in their court,” said Saavedra.

Striking for four months, United Steelworkers says they've hardly lost any picketers other than the few that crossed the picket line back in October.

“They have continued to stay with us, we have had a few retire but some of our members are continuing to show support. Even though they’re working 40, 50, 60 hour a week jobs, they still find time to come out and walk the picket lines and show their support,” said Saavedra.

NewsChannel 10 reached out to the U.S. Representatives in Washington D.C. the union says they spoke with and have not heard anything back.

We have reached out to the ASARCO copper refinery in Amarillo who referred us to the ASARCO headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. We have not heard back from headquarters.

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