Amarillo’s Guyon Saunders Resource Center may relocate soon

Amarillo’s Guyon Saunders Resource Center may relocate soon

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Guyon Saunders Rescource Center is here to assist the homeless population in Amarillo by providing a day room and basic services.

They are wanting to sell their current facility, move locations and build a new one which is specific to their needs.

“The facility that we have now is just too large. We occupy just a small portion of the facility. Because we have so much space, were spending more money on just keeping the facility heated and everything, and we need to focus those funds on our clients,” said Executive Director of GSRC Junie Wagner.

Board members spoke before the Potter County Commissioners Monday, but this will also have to be approved by the City. They are hoping to combine with the City’s resource center, to better serve their clientele.

“By collaborating with the Coming Home Project, one of the opportunities that we are able to provide is a central location where those who are needing housing, they are right there. When we merge, they would be right there in the building with those who house,” said Wagner.

Today the council decided two county commissioners will meet with the GSRC, get more information and make recommendations on what to do in two weeks.

“Potential for acquiring a piece of property that the county owns. I think part of this equation, if the county has interest in partnering with us, in being a partner with the GSRC on this project, and it opens that avenue of opening that community in that area to have a good conversation about what would be relocated to that area and get feedback related to that and then hopefully find the right pathway or the right legal framework for us to acquire the property and move forward with that project to start to construct the facility,” said Kevin Starbuck, board member of GSRC.

There are a lot of moving parts to this, so there is no definite timeline. They are hoping to be in their new facility in 12 to 18 months.

“We’ve been working on grants, and we’ve started receiving them. So that’s very exciting to make that dream a fruition,” said Wagner.

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