Amarillo businesses preparing for snowy weather

Businesses prepare for snowy weather.

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - While most dread a snowy day, some businesses benefit from the wintry weather this time of year.

“It’s cash flow for sure throughout the winter months. It gives us something to do on a day where there’s nothing to do,” said Joey Martinez, general manager at Reeder Landscape.

Reeder Landscape, in these colder months and days with snow and ice, see an increase in sales for certain items.

“Irrigation doesn’t wait for the summer. Most the time your irrigation problems are in the winter time,” said Martinez. “Freezing pipes, you know sprinkler systems getting stuck on, things like that.”

Already salting sidewalks for some businesses and residents, the company only worries about running out of salt based on what weather is being forecasted.

“We could run out of ice melt. That’s another issue. You never know how much snow we’re going to get. They’re talking like this one could be the snow of the year,” said Martinez.

As snow brings positive business for some, another company plans to see an increase of business as well.

“During this weather we can see a 70 to 80 percent increase in call volume. Just with people sliding off into a ditch and accidents and things like that, so we see a tremendous bump in business during the snow storm,” said David Ferril, safety manager at T-Miller Wrecker.

This wrecker service has been taking precautions today to make sure they can get to all car wrecks they anticipate throughout the night.

“Some of the guys are at home getting rest. Kind of went to a slimmer crew during the daytime, trying to get the guys some rest so that all those guys will all be ready to go this evening when the snow kicks off,” said Ferril.

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