2 Stinnett Firefighters lose their own home in fire

A family of volunteer firefighters from Stinnett is grieving after they lost their home in a fire

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) -A family of volunteer firefighters from Stinnett is grieving after they lost their home, all belongings and two pets in a house fire.

From fighting fires to watching their own home burn to the ground, Kayte Bowers, Steven Allred, and their two daughters are trying to be optimistic after the fire that destroyed their home.

“As I’m watching the flames coming out the eves and roll across the ceiling, I just froze, I didn’t know, I just stood there frozen,” said Steven Allred, lost home in fire.

Volunteer Firefighter Steven Allred describes the heartbreaking moment of when he got the call that there was a fire at his home.

Kayte Bowers was inside with their 3-year-old daughter when the fire started on the opposite side of the home.

“My daughter and I were in the house watching a movie, when I heard a load roaring and that’s when I saw the flames,” said Kayte Bowers, lost home in fire.

She grabbed her daughter and took off to her neighbors house barefoot, calling for help.

“Actually it was high fire danger day, so I was expecting a wildfire, I just returned home. Kayte came running across the street and I saw the flames,” said Neighbor and Volunteer Firefighter Gina Wells.

“I was about an hour or so out of town, and I could see the smoke, so I ran to the station and grabbed my gear and when I got here, I could see my wife and daughter were sitting on the porch. I don’t know who, but someone came up to me and said they are fine. So, I put my gear on, thinking, I need to help,” said Allred.

Officials declared the home as a total loss. A dog and cat perished in the fire with all of their belongings.

Even their car that was parked next to the home was destroyed.

Allred continues searching for anything he can salvage. He still finds ash-covered items he will cherish forever.

“It’s a Father’s day card from my daughter and a wallet that she had got me. Here’s some pocket knifes and watches that people gave me over the years,” said Allred.

They say their youngest daughter just keeps asking one thing:

“Daddy fix it.”

“I can fix a lot of things, but not this,” said Allred.

They continue to praise the community for coming together and helping them get back on their feet.

If you would like to help you can click here for the their GoFundMe page or you can click here to buy a raffle ticket for a piece of artwork. All funds from artwork sold will go towards helping the family.

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