Potter County concerned over people voting by mail in primary election

Voting concerns for the primary election.

POTTER COUNTY, Texas (KFDA) - While most are concerned about the safety of the primary election, Potter County is worried about people actually voting.

“We’re down in the number of people who normally vote by mail by about 75 percent and so our concern is that we have some people that are going to look up next week and think you always send us a ballot. And the answer is yes, if you apply every year,” said Melynn Huntley, elections administrator for Potter County.

Voting by mail is only offered to people over 65 years, if you have a disability, if you’re expecting to be out of the county or if you are confined in jail.

“If they plan to vote by mail in the primary, they must call their county election official, request the application to vote by mail. They must return that application to us no later than February the 21st, in order to be able to vote by mail in this election,” said Huntley.

Despite what has happened with the counting of votes in the Iowa Caucus, both Randall and Potter counties assure voting safety and legitimacy is something taken seriously in Texas.

“There are so many security features that we all have in place right now from our state levels down to our local levels,” said Shannon Lackey, elections administrator for Randall County.

One of those security features is by Texas law, no elections equipment is allowed to be connected to the internet meaning the only way a vote could be tampered with is if someone physically had access to the equipment.

“People need to realize Iowa laws and Texas laws are very different. This state has done a really good job with their election night reporting system. It actually debuted for the constitutional amendment election. So it’s been used, it’s been tested and it worked wonderfully. We don’t anticipate any problems,” said Lackey.

The primary election will take place on March 3rd.

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