Bell presents new helicopter model to U.S. Navy

VIDEO: Bell presents new helicopter model to U.S. Navy

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Bell’s Amarillo Assembly Center is one step closer to completing the latest helicopter model for the U.S. Navy.

Bell revealed the latest V-22 today that will be replacing the Navy’s current aircraft.

This new aircraft is the product of a $4.1 billion contract with the Navy awarded to Bell in June of 2018.

Jason Henderson, the general manager of Bell’s Amarillo Assembly Center, says the Amarillo community should be proud of our part in supporting humanitarian aid throughout the world.

“When you turn on the TV at night and see a V-22 Osprey or one of our H-1 product lines, and they’re providing humanitarian aid and support in a far away land after a tsunami or an earthquake, it is a swelling of pride deep inside knowing that aircraft was built right here in the Texas Panhandle by the men and women of this great community, and now it’s off in far away reaches of the globe doing humanitarian work," said Henderson.

Around 13 percent of the work on the V-22 Osprey will be done in Amarillo.

“This aircraft will fulfill that supply replenishment mission and allow this aircraft again to take off vertically, fly longer distances, just as fast as a fixed wing aircraft,” said Henderson. “It’s also been purpose built to accept the F-35 lightning engine pack in the aircraft which will now also provide logistics aspect that the United States Navy does not currently have,”

The contract is expected to be complete in November of 2024.

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