‘Save the Horses’: Signs around the city spark petition to help keep AQHA in Amarillo

KFDA video: save the horses

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - You might have noticed signs hung on the necks of the iconic quarter horse statues around Amarillo, they read, “save the horses.”

“The horses aren’t going anywhere at all, it’s just the horses are such a symbol of Amarillo and a symbol of the American Quarter Horse Association and our relationship with them. It’s just a perfect way, whoever made that decision to put those signs out there, they put them out to say please don’t go, we want them to stay here. They are part of our heritage, part of our history,” said Amarillo City Councilman Eddy Sauer.

Not all AQHA horses have these signs on them, a lot of them blew off with the wind.

“Somebody just went around and placed them out there just to kind of get a message out. We wanted to let the whole country know, no we don’t want the American Quarter Horse Association to leave,” said Sauer.

After speaking with Fort Worth City Councilman Dennis Shingleton, who has been vocally very excited about the move, he was willing to give an update but decided to decline an interview.

A spokeswoman for AQHA released a statement saying, “there is no timeline for construction or relocation, as relocation is not guaranteed at this point.”

“The whole intention was just to let the American Quarter Horse Association know how much they mean to Amarillo and how much we don’t want to see them leave Amarillo,” said Sauer.

Not only have signs been put up, but now there is an online petition which Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson is asking you to sign. At last check, there are over 4,000 signatures and counting, with numerous comments as to why they signed.

“One of the things that’s happened, is a petition has been started. And I think that’s probably directly related to the signs, to sign a petition and raise the awareness that we don’t want to see the American Quarter Horse Association to leave,” said Sauer.

If you would like to sign, you can find the petition here.

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