Two downtown Amarillo restaurants shut down, two new businesses emerge

As two restaurants unexpectedly close, two more businesses are opening their doors in Amarillo.

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) -As two restaurants unexpectedly close, two more businesses are opening their doors in Amarillo.

Amarillo’s business scene is evolving with a new bar in downtown Amarillo and a new locally owned Mexican restaurant that will be opening on Hillside near Coulter.

There are also signs in front of two other restaurants showing that they will no longer be open for business.

The southwest side of Amarillo will soon be opening an authentic Mexican restaurant, where they make everything from scratch, in the Greenways Village shopping center called The Agave Restaurant.

“It will have great Mexican food, it’s authentic, the owners are local, and they really pride themselves in making everything from scratch, so we are looking forward to it,” said Development Manager for Llano Real Estate John Langham.

It will be 28,000 square feet with construction starting at $200,000 and is expected to this May.

“It will allow 100 dining, it will have an outdoor patio with a future party room too. Keep a look out for it, you will be seeing some unique advertisement on the front of hillside, lets just say that,” said Langham.

In downtown Amarillo, the Hollywood Club recently had its grand opening. It is located on Polk and 8th street next door to Bodegas.

Just a couple doors down, Acapulco Mexican restaurant is completely empty inside with a eviction notice on the front door. Acapulco Mexican Restaurant opened in 2003 and had live music as they served traditional Mexican cuisine.

Down on 6th street and Jefferson the restaurant Blue Front Cafe also has signs on it saying that it is closed for good. The Blue Front Cafe opened at this location in 1983.

A lot of research and traveling across town didn’t shed light on exactly what has happened at these two restaurants and what the future holds for them, but we’ll continue to follow this story.

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