Good News with Dave: Amarillo Police Corporal finishes chemo treatments just in time for delivery of his first baby

VIDEO: Good News with Dave: Amarillo Police Corporal finishes chemo treatments just in time for delivery of his first baby

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - To say the last nine months has been eventful for police corporal Mike Vigil would be quite an understatement.

“So prior to the nine months we found out that my wife was pregnant, the biggest joy, my whole life, it’s our first baby on the way,” said Amarillo Police Department Corporal Mike Vigil.

The joy of that announcement, however would turn out to be just part of an emotional roller coaster for Mike and his wife Lilli.

“And then a couple weeks later, I went in for some appendix pain and woke up with cancer,” said Vigil.

Now facing a life threatening illness, Mike’s focus shifted from the excitement of becoming a new father to just surviving.

“But started with the surgery, cutting the majority out, and then after that several months of chemotherapy. And, now I’m still dealing with some of the side effects of neuropathy nerve pain,” said Vigil.

It has been a long, tough road, but the chemo has been effective, and Mike just recently had his last treatment.

“Last week I got my last treatment. It was great. All my buddies were there to cheer me on, and it’s a good feeling knowing not that I didn’t have to go back, but knowing I didn’t have to get another treatment of chemo,” said Vigil.

Mike shares the story hoping it encourages others to stay on top of their health and find potential problems early.

So, I know a little bit about that cancer word myself. Where all the sudden you get a cancer diagnosis, and your life changes.

When I asked Mike if he had a message for anyone out there about keeping up with their health, he said “Yeah, absolutely. I started healthy, I was strong gate healthy, but it’s really important that you get your yearly checkups through your doctor or your insurance. Or for colon screening, it’s not always the most pretty, but it’s something that’s really necessary, and it can save your life. I think it’s really important that every day you make right with the Lord. Every day make right with your family, not go to bed angry. But more importantly, no matter what lies ahead. You can get through it.”

The good news is that Mike is recovering well, and the outlook for he and his family is good. Now they could look forward to the baby due next month.

I also asked Mike how it makes him feel that depsite what he’s been through, his baby is about to come.

He said "It’s great, we’ve already got a name picked out. Her name is going to be Alayna Rico, which even though she’s a baby girl, we chose that middle name after the surgeon that did great work on me, and I can’t wait to hold her. Seeing her move in the sonograms, and seeing her grow throughout the entire process has been some great to keep my mind and heart happy. And now that we’re on the back half, we can actually enjoy the pregnancy, enjoy looking forward to our little baby, and get to go to our weekly doctor’s visits until the baby gets here.

Sounds like good news to me.

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