Above and Beyond: Dalhart man dedicates life to his community

Above and Beyond: Dalhart man dedicates life to his community

DALHART, Texas (KFDA) - Robert Ledbetter grew up in the city of Dalhart.

After serving in the Air Force for 25 years, he retired and returned to his hometown... where he now wears many hats.

“He just does so much, he spreads himself out so much doing things for different... I mean I have a list I can read you of all the things that he does," said a family friend of Ledbetter’s, Terry White. "He doesn’t ever get any recognition for it and he doesn’t want any. That’s what makes him so special.”

Ledbetter is the campus pastor at Hillside Christian Church in Dalhart, the chaplain at Hilmar Cheese, a member of the Ministerial Alliance in Dalhart, and a member of the school board.

He also mentors young men at Dalhart Junior High through a new program called Elevate, as well as offers couples counseling and emergency assistance at the local hospital.

White nominated him for going Above and Beyond.

“He’s so selfless,” she said. “Robert cares about people, it doesn’t matter who it is. It can be from any walk of life, Robert will take care of it. If he can’t, he finds somebody who can."

She says nothing can slow him down, not even recent health issues.

“Several years ago, maybe four now or five, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s,” said White. “It hasn’t stopped him. You know he’s had medical issues, he lost a bunch of weight and he got so much better. Some days he just has a harder time, but it doesn’t stop him. He shows up at church, he shows up at Hilmar, he shows up at the school, wherever he needs to be. It doesn’t slow him down one bit.”

His son, Matt Ledbetter, couldn’t agree more.

“I guess I would say that God has lit a fire in him and it just constantly flows from him,” he said.

After being honored by NewsChannel10, he could only describe the feeling as:

“Humbling. I mean I don’t really think I do much in the sense of other people,” said Ledbetter. “This is a community where people are very involved and a lot of people do more than I. So I’m very humbled that she would do that, and I’ll get her back for this.”

As far as what keeps him going, he says it’s The Man upstairs.

“I’ve been so blessed in my life,” he said. “I had a wonderful upbringing, I had incredible parents and family. God has just really blessed me and I was just raised thinking that you pay back, and you want other people to have the opportunities and successes you have. So the things that I do are important to me, they’re important to the community, they’re important to a lot of people not just me. So I want to be a part of the team that makes a difference for the next generation.”

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