Rachel Hasse: A Star on and off the court

Video: Rachel Hasse: A star on and off the court

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Rachel Hasse is a girl of many talents, simply put.

The Amarillo High School junior is one of the top 600 high school singers in the entire state of Texas.

“And even less if you think about her voice part,” Choir Director and 2019 Teacher Of The Year Carolyn Terrel said. “She’s an alto voice part, just like a position on the court, she’e and alto, so there’s even fewer than that. Probably only 150.”

Add in the fact that she is a straight-A student who ranks No. 17 in her current class out of about 500 students, Hasse also spends time as a star basketball player on the Amarillo Sandies’ squad, a team that is No. 1 in all of Texas Conference 5A.

“First of all, a very good shooter, a young lady that has put a ton of effort to be the very best she could be,” Amarillo Basketball coach Jeff Williams said about Hasse. “She spent a lot of time in the weight room this summer, has carried that on through the season, a great offensive player, someone that does exactly what you want her to do each and every time she goes out onto the floor, so we’re eally lucky to have her, and she’s put in the time for sure.”

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Hasse has been working with her current choir director since she was in first grade when Terrel also was her teacher. Together over the years, Hasse has grown as a singer whether it be in school or in her church choir.

Now, because of everything she has learned combined with her strong passion for singing, Hasse will be singing in San Antonio, Texas on Feb. 15 in the State Finals competition.

Just a couple of weeks later, Hasse might have another reason for being back in San Antonio, this regarding her talent as a skilled sharpshooter on the basketball court.

With the Sandies 13-0 in district play and 29-2 overall this season, the No. 1 Sandies could once again find themselves in San Antonio from March 5-7 fighting for another State Championship.

Hasse isn’t alarmed nor intimidated by what some would call a lot of pressure and stressful situations coming up. She welcomes it.

“It’s honestly just like freeing,” Hasse said. “I don’t think about anything else that’s going on. It’s just the game or the practice, definitely juggling those few things gets really hard but I have fantastic supporters like my team is completely supportive of everything I do and my parents have been a huge help of getting me where I need to be and everything that I need.”

With her help, the Sandies have already clinched a spot in the playoffs this year. Combining her time on the court, with her academics and the 50-plus concerts her school choir group puts on every year, Hasse still has ambitions to do more. She wants to also try and find an internship allowing her to follow her passion/dream of being a veterinarian.

“She is a very solid basketball player, and I just think there are so few and far between that have this much talent like she does," Williams said. "And like I said, back to her hard work, her dedication to detail, and to be a able to carry a 100-average like she does, ranking 17th in her class out of 500-something odd kids, it’s impressive. It’s impressive.”

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