Memphis ISD in the running to receive new lockers

You can help Memphis ISD win new lockers for their athletes.

MEMPHIS, Texas (KFDA) - With lockers more than two decades old, Memphis ISD may finally have a chance to receive an upgrade.

“With these lockers, they’ve got some jagged edges that come with it, just not safe. We’ve had the top of lockers, where you can put shoulder pads on, and the shoulder plate, where I guess holds the shoulder pads, falls off or gets unscrewed so sometimes they fall down when kids are putting their lockers up,” said Kevin Alexander, coach at Memphis High School.

These are just some of the issues athletes deal with when trying to get ready for games and practice.

“These lockers have been here for a while. I graduated in ’97 and I think my freshman year is when we got these lockers. You know, they’re functionable, but obviously they’re worn down and the kids get by. But, if we could get something new and better, I know it would help the kids out and make them a lot more excited to walk in these lockers,” said David Jurado, athletic director at Memphis ISD.

Coaches at the high school say their field house was built in 1935, and it has stayed the same ever since with the occasional add-ons.

However, being in a small town, finances have never become available for a new field house or lockers.

“A couple years ago we had to renovate all the campuses, from the elementary up to here, even around the football field. Had some cement work, just a lot of stuff that depleted our fund balance, so you know, this was on the back end of it and we haven’t had a chance to put any money into it,” said Jurado.

This resulted in Memphis entering into a contest to win new lockers from the same company who supplies lockers for Texas A&M.

“With a small school, we share everybody, we share all athletes so every kid would benefit from these lockers,” said Alexander.

They are one of five finalists left in the competition nationally.

The link to vote for Memphis ISD can be found here.

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