Amarillo League of Women Voters helping young voters register

Updated: Jan. 21, 2020 at 5:01 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - 10 out of the 14 private and public high schools in Amarillo, have invited the League of Women Voters to come teach their students about voting.

“I plan on voting and I’m kind of excited, because not very many young people care about the future and I’m the total opposite, like I care. The taxes and stuff, like I don’t want to pay high taxes,” said Bailey Harrison Highland Park senior.

“Yes I plan on voting, because I want to also voice my opinion," said Cynarah Rodriquez Highland Park senior.

“I’m going to vote. It’s all about making an impact, so I’m going to do what I can,” said Tra’von Johnson Highland Park senior.

15 to 20 students were able to register to vote today.

“Research shows that the younger a person registers and begins voting, the more likely they will be a life long voter, and a regular voter. That of course, is what our system needs, is people that will turn out consistently to vote and have a voice in their government,” said Sonya Letson, president of Amarillo League of Women Voters.

After writing a few topics on the board, students realized there are some items of importance which they can have a say on if they vote.

“Student debt, I don’t think anybody wants to be in debt. I feel like that’s a crisis now-a-days, so getting to vote would help me voice my opinion on that also,” said Rodriquez.

“Student loan debt, because my mom was in debt and didn’t even finish college, so that’s like a main topic in the world that people struggle with and they end up working jobs just to pay off student loans,” said Johnson.

“One that really stood out to me was the climate change one, because I know they have all the different commercials with the heartwarming songs and stuff, but I think people don’t realize how severe some things are,” said Kenli Vebout Highland Park senior.

Texas is one of the only states where you can’t register to vote online. As long as you are at least 17 years and 10 months old you can register to vote. Registration for the primary election closes Monday, February 3, and the Amarillo League of Women Voters will be at a few locations to help you register.

“The league will be at WT tomorrow in the Jack B. Kelly commons, we will be at Amigos and Market street stores on February 1, or you can go to your election administrator in Potter and Randall counties and you can vote there,” said Letson.

If you are a first time voter, you can find more helpful information here.

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