City officials finalize redevelopment plan for San Jacinto neighborhood

City officials finalize redevelopment plan for San Jacinto neighborhood
San Jacinto community (Source: N/A)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Solving the San Jacinto housing crisis is one of the city’s top priorities in the final draft of the neighborhood’s redevelopment plan.

The final draft of the project prioritizes housing, businesses on 6th Street, and safety as the top three areas of redevelopment.

“Last night was our fifth and final public meeting for the San Jacinto neighborhood plan process, and we unveiled a final draft of the plan to the public,” says Emily Koller, Planning and Development Services Manager for the City of Amarillo.

Koller says “there are three projects, we’re calling them the transformative projects”, and these projects have been decided as being the “necessary big moves” that will get the ball rolling in building up this area.

City officials believe reducing crime and fixing housing issues will attract more residents to the area.

“The plan actually articulates a neighborhood safety task force, as the first steps,” says Koller. “This is something that would involve residents, business owners, the Amarillo Police Department, and other city departments to come together to solve this challenge.”

Residents also believe in this plan for the neighborhood.

“The housing will help bring new people into the neighborhood,” says Danny Melius, Market Gardner at Nuke City Veg. “And with the business side of it, it’ll help the businesses that are there already get some more foot traffic and sales, and it’ll hopefully attract more businesses to the area."

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